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    Get your Sales Funnel Ready for 2021

    December 30, 2020

December 30, 2020

Get your Sales Funnel Ready for 2021

Remember that special someone you all of a sudden started noticing when you were a teenager? (hey, don’t blush!).

Not long ago they might’ve been that annoying person from your classroom who you used to ignore or couldn’t stand. 

But then, something happened—you don’t know what it was or what caused it but something inside of you changed. Suddenly that person you used to ignore (or poke with a pencil) became someone you simply couldn’t get out of your mind.

“How did I become aware of their presence?”—you started wondering.

What I’m getting at here is that relationships happen in stages, and over time—and a sales funnel is like a relationship-building machine for selling or generating leads on a massive scale. 

To define it (so many gurus get this wrong and claim “everything” is a funnel—it’s not): a sales funnel is a series of steps designed to guide visitors toward a buying decision. 

And in this process, awareness, interest, decision, and action are the high-level stages prospective customers and clients move through and they move through your funnel. 

You see, with an online sales funnel, it’s all about engaging visitors and getting them to click or opt in to your free offers. You just need to figure out how… 

  • How to create a marketing funnel that actually converts
  • And/or how to improve what you have right now 

That’s why today, I’m sharing with you 17 examples of the best, highest-converting funnels on the web right now. From huge companies like Netflix to smaller brands like Crazy Egg and Mixergy, these examples cover all the bases. 

I’m confident they will teach you how to convert many more (or even more depending on your stage of business) customers and clients.

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